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reference design of gsofa

G-Sofa - A modern sectional

The G-sofa is one of our core designs for living. A completely modular component selection allows for limitless versatility, and flexibility. With the idea of a social hub in mind, our designers have incorporated an adjustable backs to accommodate a diverse range of body types. The bench like back with floating acrylic trays, allows the G-sofa to bridge an open concept space without interrupting the visual sight line. Perfect for rooms with floor to ceiling windows the G-sofa's gentle curves are an organic design approach, which provide a fluid sense of calm. Come together on the G-sofa, entertain, and enjoy years of engaged use, we are hoping to achieve a 20-30 year product cycle through the combination of steel frame technology, and advanced fabric options.

Core component lengths can also be customized to achieve optimal fit! The G-sofa where, beauty, function, style, and quality are conjoined for lasting appeal.

Please visit our showroom and let us help you create your own social hub with a scale tailored to suit your living space. G-sofa - the look, and feel of unprecedented quality.